Rules of the Court


  1. All courts may be booked 48 hours in advance. Paid 72 Hour, 4 or 12 Month Card Holders may book courts 72 hours in advance.
  2. A person may only book one court under their name and must be one of the players on that court.
  3. In the mornings the Har-tru (Clay) court bookings may be made up to 10:30am or at 10:30am to insure two rotations on the courts. * Beginning November 1st, this policy will be seven days a week. COURTS NOT BOOKED AT PROPER TIMES WILL BE MOVED OR DELETED.
  4. All courts may be booked for two hours at a time. During peak hours, 8am-Noon and 5-9pm there will be a surcharge per person if the time limit is exceeded. Exceeded means 30 minutes past booking time. Only one booking may be made every half-day per person. Showing up late for your court does not extend you time.
  5. Shirts and proper shoes are a must on court.
  6. Proper court etiquette shall be shown at all times.
  7. TreasureBay reserves the right to move a court reservation to another court due to leagues, events or court timing.
  8. Failure to show up, cancel a court in a timely manner or disregarding the rules will result in that person’s suspension from reserving courts in the future.